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Heowns no. Chinese name English name Purity
D-39785   左氧氟羧酸   Levofloxacin carboxylic acid   97%
N-19271   柚皮苷   Narigin   95%
P-03751   泮托拉唑钠盐   Pantoprazole sodium hydrate   98%
O-51000   没食子酸正辛酯   n-Octyl gallate   98%
L-02231   兰索拉唑   Lansoprazole   98%
T-00470   他莫昔芬   Tamoxifen   99%
G-05110   银杏内酯J   Ginkgolide J   90%
M-87973   4-甲基-2-戊酮   4-Methyl-2-pentanone   98%
C-10970   1-氯丁烷   1-Chlorobutane   HPLC
T-28369   四氢呋喃(带分子筛可能出现浑浊属正常)   Tetrahydrofuran, absolute, over molecula...   绝对无水, 带分子筛保存
T-28371   四氢呋喃   Tetrahydrofuran, HPLC grade   HPLC
V-70361   维吉尼霉素   Virginiamycin   50% *
G-05401   人参皂苷Rc   Ginsenoside Rc   
H-22651   正己烷   Hexane, absolute, over molecular sieve   绝对无水, 带分子筛保存
H-22652   正己烷   Hexane, anhydrous   无水
H-22653   正己烷   Hexane, HPLC grade   HPLC
D-59591   1,2-二甲氧基乙烷   1,2-Dimethoxyethane, absolute,...   绝对无水, 带分子筛保存
C-94250   环己烷   Cyclohexane, absolute, over molecular sieve   绝对无水, 带分子筛保存
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