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Heowns no. Chinese name English name Purity
HC.00090-1   核磁管   核磁管   
P-0443790   ProClin tm 950   ProClin tm 950   pkg of 400 mL
S-0443802   同型半胱氨酸质控品      英国Axis-Shield Diag...
S-0443805   SAA-品控品      冻干 2*1.0ML
N-0443807   溶液5%/Nafion5%溶液   溶液5%/Nafion5%溶液   D520 美国杜邦
P-0443831   ProClin? 950   ProClin? 950   
P-0443789   ProClin tm 300   ProClin tm 300   pkg of 50 mL
S-0443801   进口同型半胱氨酸测定试剂盒(双...      英国Axis-Shield Diag...
M-0443809   1-甲基-2-吡咯烷甲醇   1-Methylpyrrolidine-2-methanol   98%
B-0443819   2,6-二甲基-3-溴吡啶   3-Bromo-2,6-dimethylpyridine   98%
H-0443781   2-(9H-咔唑-9-基)-1-(环氧乙烷-2-基)乙醇   2-(9H-carbazol-9-yl)-1-(oxiran-2-yl)ethanol   98%
G-0443769   丙酮中甲氰菊酯溶液标准物质   Fenpropathrin in Acetone   1ml/支
T-0443644   四异丙基肼   Tetraisopropylhydrazine   96%
B-0443456   六胺基苯三盐酸盐   benzene-1,2,3,4,5,6-hexamine   96%
S-69600   琥珀酰亚胺基-[4-(N-马来酰亚胺甲基)]-环己...   Succinimidyl-[4-(N-maleimidomethyl)]-cyc...   97%
P-96541   帕珠沙星   Pazufloxacin Mesylate   98%
C-58428   Cy5   2-((1E,3E,5E)-5-(1-(5-Carboxypentyl)-3,3...   98%
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