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Heowns no. Chinese name English name Purity
A-14499   腺苷-5'-二磷酸酯双二环己胺盐   Adenosine 5'-diphosphate di(di...   95%
F-10350   5-氟-2'-脱氧胞苷   5-Fluoro-2'-deoxycytidine   98%
U-25461   尿嘧啶核苷-5'-二磷酸-N-乙酰氨...   Uridine 5'-diphospho-N-acetylg...   98% HPLC
G-24210   鸟嘌呤核苷   Guanosine   98%
A-40200   L(+)-甲氨喋呤   L-Amethopterin hydrate   98%
A-93600   8-氮鸟嘌呤   8-Azaguanine   99%
T-54610   2-硫脲嘧啶   2-Thiouracil   99%
A-14900   腺苷5'-单磷酸钠盐   Adenosine 5'-monophosphate sodium salt(AMP)   99%
A-14901   腺苷5'-单磷酸钠盐   Adenosine 5'-monophosphate sod...   99% Dnase free and R...
G-65820   5'-二磷酸鸟嘌呤核苷-岩藻糖二钠盐   Guanosine 5'-diphospho-β-L-fucose disod...   98% HPLC
B-16270   6-苄氨基嘌呤   6-Benzylaminopurine hydrochloride   98% Suitable for pla...
A-14570   腺苷-5'-单磷酸水合物   Adenosine 5'-monophosphate monohydrate   97%
U-25463   5'-三磷酸尿苷三钠   Uridine 5'-triphosphate disodi...   95% HPLC
N-20110   烟酰胺腺嘌呤二核苷酸钠盐   β-Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide sod...   95%
A-14504   腺苷5'-二磷酸钠盐   Adenosine 5'-diphosphate sodiu...   95%
A-22440   四氧嘧啶单水合物   Alloxan monohydrate   98%
B-79405   8-溴腺苷   8-Bromoadenosine   98%
C-26550   5'-单磷酸腺嘌呤核苷-唾液酸二钠盐   Cytidine-5'-monophospho-N-acetylneuramin...   85% HPLC
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