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Heowns no. Chinese name English name Purity
H-28940   鲱鱼精子DNA溶液   Herring Sperm DNA Solution   75% DNA less than or...
D-11020   毛地黄皂苷   5% Digitonin   5% 溶液
D-42750   毛地黄皂苷   5% Digitonin   
S-32990   十二烷基磺酸钠(SDS)   Sodium 1-dodecanesulfonate(SDS)   98%
G-09999   胍盐酸盐   Guanidinehydrochloride   98%
G-09992   硫氰酸胍   Guanidinethiocyanate   98%
G-10002   硫氰酸胍   Guanidinethiocyanate   溶液
S-68930   鲑鱼精子DNA溶液   Salmon Sperm DNA solution   75% DNA less than or...
D-32510   十二烷基-β-D-麦芽糖苷(DDM)   10% DDM (n-dodecyl β-D-maltos...   NMR
F-75127   甲酰胺   Formamide (Deionized)   98%
T-90067   曲拉通X-100   Polyethylene glycol mono-4-oct...   
T-90066   曲拉通X-100   Polyethylene glycol mono-4-octylphenyl e...   For molecular biology
T-90061   吐温20   Tween 20   试剂级
T-90540   吐温20   TWEEN 20   50% aq
A-90112   琼脂糖   Agarose-High resolution   高分辨率
A-90113   琼脂糖   Agarose-Low resolution   低分辨率
A-90114   琼脂糖   Agarose-1000   1000
A-90110   琼脂糖   Agarose-High resolution   For routine use
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