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Heowns no. Chinese name English name Purity
S-62480   柄曲霉素   Sterigmatocystin   98%
G-10840   G418二硫酸盐   G 418 disulfate salt   suitable for cell cu...
P-11390   青霉素G钾盐   Penicillin G potassium salt   98%
E-11400   红霉素   Erythromycin   98%
S-12200   磺胺二甲氧嘧啶   Sulfadimethoxine   98%
V-25600   万古霉素盐酸盐水合物   Vancomycin hydrochloride hydrate   
G-19570   (+)-灰黄霉素   (+)-Griseofulvin   98%
R-13290   利福平   Rifampicin   97% Suitable for pla...
R-13291   利福平   Rifampicin   97%
N-14050   新霉素三硫酸盐水合物   Neomycin trisulfate salt hydrate   ≥600 μg per mg
N-14051   新霉素三硫酸盐水合物   Neomycin trisulfate salt hydrate   
P-11393   多粘菌素B硫酸盐   Polymyxin B sulfate salt   ≥6,000 USP units/mg
G-14500   庆大霉素硫酸酯   Gentamicin sulfate salt   ≥590 μg Gentamicin...
B-00509   杆菌肽   Bacitracin   标准品 analytical st...
S-14470   磺胺噻唑钠   Sulfathiazole sodium salt   99%
S-14480   磺乙酰胺   Sulfacetamide   98%
N-14750   新生霉素钠   Novobiocin sodium   90%
C-14931   细胞松弛素B   Cytochalasin B   98%
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