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Heowns no. Chinese name English name Purity
M-84355   1,2-双(马来酰亚胺基乙氧基)乙烷   1,2-Bis(maleimidoethoxy)ethane   98%
P-14405   3-(2-二硫吡啶基)丙酸酰肼   3-(2-Pyridyldithio)propionylhydrazide(PDPH)   
T-66551   N-[ε-三氟乙酰氨基己酸]琥珀酰...   N-[ε-trifluoroacetamidocaproy...   
S-14438   酒石酸二磺基琥珀酰亚胺酯   Disuccinimidyl tartarate(Sulfo-DST)   
P-14406   N-(p-马来酰亚胺基苯基)异氰酸酯   N-(p-Maleimidophenyl)isocyanat...   
S-69600   琥珀酰亚胺基-[4-(N-马来酰亚胺甲基)]-环己...   Succinimidyl-[4-(N-maleimidomethyl)]-cyc...   97%
A-06500   S-乙酰巯基乙酸五氟苯酯   S-Acetylthioglycolic acid pent...   96%
M-14411   三(2-马来酰亚胺基乙基)胺   Tris-(2-Maleimidoethyl)amine(Trifunction...   97%
P-14402   1,4-二(3'-[2'-二硫基吡啶]丙酸...   1,4-Di-(3'-[2'pyridyldithio]pr...   
S-14448   磺基琥珀酰亚胺基-2-(p-叠氮基-水杨酰氨基)...   Sulfosuccinimidyl 2-(p-azido-salicylamid...   
D-14403   二亚胺代己二酸二甲酯二盐酸盐   Dimethyl adipimidate?2HCl(DMA)   99%
D-60690   二亚胺代己二酸二甲酯二盐酸盐   Dimethyl adipimidate dihydrochloride   97%
A-14409   N-(4-[p-叠氮水杨酰基]丁基)-3'-...   N-(4-[p-Azidosalicylamido]buty...   
S-14454   3-(三[羟基甲基]膦)丙酸   3-(Tris[hydroxymethyl]phosphine)propioni...   
M-41501   4-(N-马来酰亚胺基)苯甲酸   4-(N-Maleimido)benzoic acid   97%
A-14411   4-(p-叠氮水杨酰氨基)-丁胺   4-(p-Azidosalicylamido)-butylamine(ASBA)   
A-14412   二硫化二(β-[4-叠氮水杨酰氨基]...   Bis(β-[4-azidosalicylamido]et...   
E-14406   ε-马来酰亚胺己酸磺基琥珀酰亚胺酯   N-(ε-Maleimidocaproyloxy)sulfosuccinimi...   95%
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