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>> Home -- Introduction -- 二亚乙胺基五亚甲基膦酸七钠盐
 CAS NO:D-12380 Product code:D-12380


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Chinese name:   二亚乙胺基五亚甲基膦酸七钠盐
English name:   Diethylenetriaminepentamethylenephosphonic acid heptasodium salt
MDL. No:    
CAS. Relevant:   
Molecular formula:   C9H21N3Na7O15P5
Molecular weight:   Density:  
Melt point:   Boil point:  
Storage conditions:  常温
Hazard identification:
 Packaging specifications

Heowns  no. Packaging unit Purity Original price Promotional price Tianjin Base Nanjing Base Purchase quantity
D-12380 5ml assay ~55% (bas... 218.00 174.00 现货 电询
D-0311626 25ml 98% 1630.00 978.00 电询 电询
D-0311626 100ml 98% 4890.00 2934.00 电询 电询

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